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Mohammed El Moumni

Mohammed El Moumni, a master student at the ENSEIRB-MATMECA engineering school in Bordeaux, doing his master in Computer Science with a specialty in Software Engineering, is doing a 6 month internship for Big Data Solutions with Atos in 2016.

I was happy to be part of the winning team of the Atos IT challenge in 2015. Atos came to our campus to present the challenge and me and some fellow students were very enthusiastic on joining the IT challenge. Winning this challenge was an amazing experience and part of the prize was doing an internship within Atos.

My internship contains of two major projects, an Atos project and further developing the app that we suggested in our IT challenge. The Atos project is about creating a tool to visualize the content of a cluster. By having this data available, you are able to have information in real-time regarding the usage of the cluster, how much data is used, how much space is left and whether a machine is down etc. This tool will make it easier to exploit a cluster and to define follow up actions. The second project is continuing the development of the app of the IT challenge. This app enables to track and detect movements of pedestrians in order to provide users of public transport with the real-time information on available seats in a carriage in a train.

Winning this challenge was an amazing experience and part of the prize was doing an internship within Atos.

I am very happy to have had the opportunity to do an internship with Atos. Not only are people very kind, but I also got the opportunity to do many training in Big Data and learn more about technologies such as HDFS, Hive and HBase. The content I’m working on is very original, the subjects are not very common but very interesting in terms of technology. I learned to work autonomously, work on the projects and development of algorithms myself. Atos is a great place to work for, I like the worldwide aspect of the organization and the ability to work on projects in any country in the world. Projects are very big and we work for very big companies and with large partners. I’m looking forward continuing my career as a graduate with Atos.

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