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Manufacture Digital Transformation Manager

Publish Date: Jan 19, 2022

Location: Beijing, Beijing, CN-China

Company: Atos


Job Description:
The role creates thought leadership and deep Industry knowledge to support business development, demonstrating Industry consulting capabilities, providing support across sales to generate profitable growth in the short and long term. He/she is responsible for the full lifecycle of the Industry solutions portfolio collaborating with Practices teams and is the external evangelist promoting Atos Industry portfolio and its relevance in the Industry.

Bring to bear consulting services to understand customers competitive levers, establish relationship at C-level and support definition of winning solutions
Use deep Industry-specific knowledge to:
•    Understand and anticipate current and future clients’ needs and market trends
•    Build and deliver discovery phase of Customer digital transformation goals and program, in pre-sales mode or billable consulting activities
Develop Industry portfolio 
•    Handle Industry portfolio lifecycle in collaboration with Head of Industry Operations to build Industry digital portfolio solutions, bringing innovation to the market and bringing end-to-end solutions to the market
Support Customer Portfolio Development
•    Support Industry Sales, Strategic Business Developers and Client Executives by:
•    Supporting Head of Industry Sales in defining priorities and targeted customer list to ensure short- and long-term profitable growth
•    Using pre-sales and consulting opportunities
•    Bringing to bear market knowledge to support business performance alliance construction with customers and Industry eco-system
•    Supporting Client Executive’s account planning

•    At least 15-20 years consulting experience in Manufacturing industry.
•    Having good relationship with manufacture customers’ CXO and Could easier to leverage existing customer relationship to bring in business
•    Having experience of leading a consulting team and be responsible for a consulting team P&L
•    Having good knowledge on Manufacturing digital transformation trend and could set up strategy or business case to have customer buy in.
•    承担数字化转型规划或信息化规划的售前工作,通过洞察识别机会点,编制咨询方案和解决方案,引导客户进行决策;
•    负责数字化转型规划或信息化规划的项目交付工作,保证项目交付质量、时间进度和成本核算满足公司要求;
•    结合行业现状,跟踪和研究企业发展动态、信息技术发展趋势和领先实践,开展相关技术专题研究工作,编写行业洞察和解决方案。
•    本科及以上学历,有8年(含)以上工作经历,有大型企业数字化转型规划、信息化规划咨询工作经验者优先;
•    具备战略性思维与结构化思维能力,较强的快速学习能力、研究创新能力、沟通表达能力和文档编写能力;
•    对数字化转型规划、信息化规划、企业管理、信息化建设有深刻的理解和独到的见识,掌握相关咨询领域的理论知识与咨询项目实施方法论;