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Gary Kroon

Gary Kroon is an HR intern for Atos North America, and has recently taken classes at the Western Connecticut State University regarding Communication and Psychology before taking a two year break to serve a mission.

I am taking a 6 month internship in the HR department of Atos North America. In this internship, I’m supporting the HR department. One of my main tasks is monitoring the application process; updating vacancies in our recruitment system, contacting involved managers, reporting and keeping track of progress and developing presentations for management. Besides this, I’ve also been involved in updating HR collaterals for new employees regarding the HR processes.

What I especially like about my internship is that I’m able to help other people and that I meet all different kinds of people. I have to constantly interact with people and everybody is very nice, helpful and polite. I feel Atos really cares for their employees.

Having the opportunity to do an internship grew me as a person; I had to go out of my comfort zone, I had to do tasks that I had no experience in and I was figuring out myself how to perform in the best way.

Working for Atos makes it possible to work with different cultures and learn how to successfully interact with these cultures. My internship has given me a sense of direction, it taught me what I really like and what I want to do - I want to interact with people and pursue HR in the future.

Atos is a great company with great people. I’m proud to say I’m working for a company that is involved in the Olympic Games. I would definitely consider a graduate position in the future as well, after I have finished my degree.

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