Diversity at Atos

Here at Atos, diversity and inclusion are embedded in our DNA. With robust programs in place to support our 5 Diversity Dimensions (Gender, Accessibility, LGBT, Generations, and Culture) our 110,000 global employees are encouraged to contribute to our culture of inclusivity. Atos does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, sexual orientation, gender, or ethnicity. We hold ourselves to a high standard, because our employees deserve to feel safe, valued, and able to express themselves.


We are focused on sustainability, community engagement, and working with young people across the globe who are interested in a technology career. Our global Affinity Groups give voice to our employees’ ideas. The Together Network in the UK and Ireland created a reverse mentoring program so that our employees can learn from one another. Our Veterans Groups in the UK and US conduct programs to prepare former military personnel for tech careers.  Atos signed the Hispanic Promise sponsored by We are All Human, to celebrate what is unique and powerful in our Latinx employees. We are extremely proud that Atos was named as a Best Place For Race by the Prince’s Trust in the UK, a Top Engaged Company by Employee Engagement, and a Great Place to Work in Bulgaria.


Our Women’s Executive Mentoring program is positioning our top talents for key roles within the company and is aligned with Parity.org’s charter to promote women to senior level.  Our targeted women’s leadership development program has been featured in publications such as Personnel Today, Vessy.com, Hive Learning and Dialogue 2020. We work closely with the United Nations on their He for She Initiative and provide support for women’s and young women’s programs across the globe such as Girls Code Fun, Girls Who Code, and SUNY Geneseo’s Women in Business Program. Atos was named a Top 10 Employer for Gender by Vercida, is a Times Top 50 Employer for Gender in the UK, and was awarded the Women In IT Diversity Initiative Award for our Women Who Succeed Program.


This is one of our most active pillars focused on several key initiatives: we developed a global policy on Accessibility, are focused on improving the candidate experience from an accessibility perspective, and are partnering with our Learning & Development teams to ensure that all courseware meets the needs of our employees. Atos plays an important role in Global Accessibility Awareness Day , hosting events across the globe that feature world-renowned experts in the disability field. We’re partnering with local colleges such as National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) and Rochester Institute of Technology’s neuro-diverse program, as we know that many of our technical talents will come from these populations in the future. Neil Milliken, Global Head of Accessibility, made the Top 10 on Shaw’s Disability Power Top 100 List, and won the Business Disability Forum’s Disability-Smart Diversity and Inclusion Practitioner Award.



46% of growth in the prime-age labour pool can be attributed to millennial women, which is why we partner with local universities across the globe to mentor and then recruit top women graduates for all positions. We have accelerated development programs in place for all graduate hires, involve them in immediate opportunities to prepare for leadership roles, and encourage them to take the driver’s seat in developing programs for their colleagues through the global Millennials Affinity Group.  Other employee programs are explained in our LinkedIn podcasts.

Seasoned Professionals

Atos publicly affirms that we recruit across diverse age groups and consider all applicants on an equal basis. To that end, we signed the AARP Employer Pledge (American Association of Retired Persons) to affirm the value of experienced workers. We have a range of global talent development programs aimed at our employees over 50, which position them for further advancement within the organization. As a result, Atos has been named a Top 5 Employer for Age by Vercida, a leading consultancy in the Diversity space.

LGBT: AtosPride

Our LGBT and Allies groups provide support, guidance, and resources to our employees, and together with senior staff support, are ensuring that our employees view Atos as a safe, inclusive workplace. Atos has partnered with the United Nations and signed the LGBTI Standards of Conduct For Business, and has also signed L’Autre Cercle’s charter in support of their mission to combat discrimination.  We are 11th on the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index scale and have increased our global reach to include 32+ countries and close to 1,700 members.