Candidate Experience Charter

We would like you to have a complete view of our company culture, what we do, and answer any questions you might have when you apply for a job at Atos. It’s really important to us that you have a positive, well informed and engaging journey. 

Our Recruitment Team manages all vacancies across Atos, in all countries. We are part of wider Human Resources function, we operate across all of the Atos countries, and we are here to source the best talent that we can for our business.

General Principles: Commit To Success!

Atos is committed to identifying the very best people and providing a positive candidate experience and engagement. We commit to providing detailed information during your interview process, setting clear expectations, providing timely updates, hiring people from diverse backgrounds, and keeping your personal data safe. 

Informed Decisions

Posting accurate and clear job descriptions and providing information on our careers site that lets you make an informed decision about joining us. 

Clear Expectations

Setting clear and transparent expectations for what’s to come in the selection process.

Timely Updates

Providing timely updates on the current status and following steps. 

Diverse Workforce

Making inclusive hiring decisions aligned to our commitment to creating a diverse workforce as an equal opportunity employer.

Your Feedback

Seeking your feedback on the experience you had through our candidate satisfaction survey, to enable us to continually improve our recruitment service.


Protecting your privacy and handling your information securely and confidentially in accordance with data protection guidelines.