Your Progression and Development at Atos

At Atos, we want all of our employees to have the opportunity to develop and grow. We make this happen through a number of different routes, with global and local programmes to support you.  Internal hiring, as well as formal and informal training, are at the top of our agenda.

Learning and Development

We treat our people as our most precious assets. It is because of their expertise and skills that we provide our customers with first-class services so it’s crucial that we offer them every opportunity to keep their skills and competencies at the highest possible levels and most importantly up-to-date.

Whether it is through formal training, e-learning, or on the job training, you will have access to a huge range of courses, learning opportunities, and technical certifications.

We have partnered with world class organizations to introduce a ground-breaking Adaptive Learning approach to our e-Learning programs. It automatically and instantly creates an individualized route through a learning program closely aligned to individual responses and confidence levels.

The “Atos University”– World Class Academies

Our Business Technology Learning Centre (BTLC), our in-house University Campus located in Bengaluru, India, offers a huge range and scope of training, delivered in a world-class environment.  It has been established to offer learning opportunities in multiple fields of technology (especially Digital Technologies), leadership and management development. In 2019, more than 500 training programmes were delivered to 19 000 employees.  Extending to all Atos geographies with its virtual classrooms and in-house adaptive e-learnings, the BTLC is our strategic learning vehicle for building the skills and capability of our people in a consistent and sustainable way.

The Centre also offers a number of global training academies for key employee communities in our organization. The most popular are IT Architecture, Cybersecurity, Human Resources, Project Management, Service Delivery Management, Finance and Sales.

Our new Atos Language Academy helps prepare employees to master English or another language should they wish to take a new role in another country. These comprehensive offerings are available at any time and allow employees to enhance performance in their current role or to build new skills for future challenges, all whilst gaining internal or externally recognized certifications. 

Our Internal First Programme

At Atos, we believe in the power of our people. So much so, that in 2015 we launched the Internal First programme, which focuses on filling as many of our open vacancies as possible, with existing Atos employees. In 2018 we filled 80% of our positions with internal candidates, in 2019 we achieved 81%, and in 2020- 84%.

We create a vibrant internal marketplace for talent, with our employees at the center – we make our opportunities visible to all employees, we train our managers to recruit against competence rather than hard skills, and we have proactive recruiters who are focused on filling their open positions with Atos employees.

We promote our vacancies on our internal social collaboration platforms, we run job cafés, internal careers fairs, we encourage employees to put their “Hands Up” if they are interested in changing positions, and a lot more.

What does it mean for you? 

In simple terms – it gives you opportunities.  Want a new location?  Great.  New job?  Excellent.  New career?  No problem!

By widely sharing our open positions and encouraging our employees and managers to be open minded, there are endless opportunities for you and your career to develop within Atos.

Feel free to see what some of employees say about their job and career changes below.


Louise De Maisonneuve

Louise has recently moved internally within Atos, and is now a Project Manager within our Worldline business. 

Watch the video to hear about how she secured her new position with Atos.

Ludovic Sauvage

Ludovic joined Atos in 2015 and has recently started a new job within the organization. 

Watch the video to hear more about his story.

Talent Academy

 “…Atos inspires talents as they lead our customers on their journeys of digital transformation”

We are passionate about identifying and developing top talent. For many of you, there will be the opportunity to join one of the technology or leadership talent schemes that operate in our different countries.

We’ve developed our own Talent Academy with a suite of global talent programmes, designed to nurture your skills and passion to drive change as well as accelerating your growth within the company. With a combination of face-to-face and virtual modules delivered by highly acclaimed international partners, along with mentoring and special assignments, the talents have an enormous opportunity to learn and ’go-grow’, to better understand our business, and our customers. Places on these programmes are allocated on a merit-only basis.